Tuesday, June 5, 2007

John and Jackie Knill

In Khao Lak, two american tourists, John Knill, and Jackie Knill were killed in the tsunami. They were having a holiday in Khao Lak, Thailand. They were out of their mind. They just stood there at beach level taking photos of the tsunami. It's very sad. Most people don't know to drive up on top of a large hill if they see a sudden rise or fall of the sea level. They had time to climb a strong tree or to run up the stairs into the top floors of a high rise building because the tsunami grew and crashed on the horizon. but they didn't. Here are the stunning photos they took.

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The tsunami crashes.


Boom! The tsunami is enormous!

The tsunami gets closer

The tsunami is really close now!

This is the very last shot. The tsunami approcles the land.

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Anonymous said...

The Knills were from Canada, North Vancouver. There is an element of hard heartedness in your description of their inability to escape the tsunami.
As a memorial, their family has raised $190,000 to rebuild the school at Khao Lak where the Knills died. Of 450 students at the time, 22 were also killed, and about 50 orphaned.
RIP John and Jackie Knill